A Home Glow...Our Theme

A Home Glow…Our Theme

One thing we love about being able to design our business around our real lives, is that there is a merging of life interests, goals, and affections...and if I had to pick one word that is the center of both our private lives and our business, it's the word "home." Our products center around giving… Continue reading A Home Glow…Our Theme

Cozy Cottage/Rustic Decor' Ideas

Fireplace Remodel: A challenge worth taking.

Here in Colorado Springs, many people set off on the adventure of climbing Pike's Peak, one of the many "14er's" on the Front Range.  Some even run it! A 14er is a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet. The reason I bring this up as an introduction to Mike's and my… Continue reading Fireplace Remodel: A challenge worth taking.