A Home Glow...Our Theme

A Home Glow…Our Theme

One thing we love about being able to design our business around our real lives, is that there is a merging of life interests, goals, and affections...and if I had to pick one word that is the center of both our private lives and our business, it's the word "home." Our products center around giving… Continue reading A Home Glow…Our Theme

Living Life in the Mountains

The Big Plunge

Mike and I are at a unique place in our lives. When he soon leaves his current job to focus on our business Rocky Mountain Glow, we are free as two birds. I think of the closing scene in the movie Castaway when Chuck Nolan, having just freed himself from a desert island, is standing… Continue reading The Big Plunge

Tips for Home-Based Business

The Beginnings and Evolution of a Home-Based Business

A Lady Worth Emulating A few years ago, after I was no longer raising kids, or employed in any way outside the home, I asked myself what I've always wanted to do when I didn't have the majority of my time defined for me each day.  Don't get me wrong, I loved what I did… Continue reading The Beginnings and Evolution of a Home-Based Business