Reflections of Marriage, After 40 Years!

Forty years!  That's a long time to be married! Especially since it seems not so long ago that we shared our vows together before family and friends. But forty years have come and gone, and what an unexpected ride we have had! Two of our three children were born with special needs, and have preceded… Continue reading Reflections of Marriage, After 40 Years!

Life After “The Big Plunge”

In my last blog, The Big Plunge, I shared what led us to decide to quit Mike's city job, depend more on our home business, and move to the mountains. Indeed moving from our stable home to an unknown life in the mountains, and having to down-size over 50% has felt a lot like jumping… Continue reading Life After “The Big Plunge”

The Big Plunge

Mike and I are at a unique place in our lives. When he soon leaves his current job to focus on our business Rocky Mountain Glow, we are free as two birds. I think of the closing scene in the movie Castaway when Chuck Nolan, having just freed himself from a desert island, is standing… Continue reading The Big Plunge