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What’s So Unique About Our Soaps and Creams?

SONY DSCThe short answer is…commitment to health and excellence. Take our creams, for example. They are made with shea butter, light olive oil, coconut oil, a dab of skin-safe color, and 100% pure essential oils. That’s it! Any variations, such as the baking soda used in the all-natural orange-vanilla deodorant, is also completely non-harmful to your body.  There are no bases (full of mystery ingredients) or preservatives. Preservatives are necessary when water is used, and our creams contain no water at all.  They are light and creamy due to many hours experimenting with the best “recipes” in my kitchen to make them creamy-dreamy!



Wow, about 50 ingredients hiding under this label! If you would like to see just how different our creams are from most store-bought creams, please check out this blog.


Goat Milk SoapOur soaps also contain excellent ingredients including coconut and other oils, as well as pure and creamy goat milk. (A full list of all ingredients in our products can be found here.)


Yardley Soap


Yuk! If you would like to see just how different our soaps are from most store-bought soaps, please check out this blog.



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