Wedding Gift, Personalized Cedar-Slice Tray



A really unique gift that includes hand wood-burned personalization.

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This tray is the perfect gift for a special couple. It is personalized with the names of the bride and groom and includes the date of the wedding.  The names pictured here look more subtle on the darker part of the beautiful cedar wood. You can request that the names be on the lighter part of the wood, but they would be smaller, like the date.

The names and date are hand wood-burned.

The tray is food safe and perfect for serving snacks and/or beverages.

The dimensions are approximately 11″x 18″ with a thickness of about 1 1/8″.

When ordering, leave a note to the seller in “order notes” giving your specifics.

The tray can ship in two weeks from the time ordered, and the shipping cost is 16.99


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