Elegant, Rustic Three-Candle Centerpiece


When dead aspen is enhanced to accentuate the natural grain and the “distress” of life in the forest, it can be utterly breath-taking! This “Taste of the Rockies” candle set is just that…breath-taking. And the graduated heights of the candles give the whole thing a real look of class!

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The candles are sold as a set of three. The complete centerpiece includes three white candles, the wood base, and seasonal decorations.

During the fall, you will be sent autumn leaves; at Christmas time, you will be sent Christmas decor; ; in spring and summer, you will be sent flowers and summer leaves. These will not be attached so that you are able to change the decorations when you please. Some of the pictures will show more decorations than you will receive in the packet. But it shows what you can do with your own creativity!

The aspen candle holders come with three white tea candles like the ones pictured in the summer sample above. You may add colored candles as you wish.

My husband Mike and I love that we live in the Rockies and can spend sunny afternoons in God’s lovely creation searching for “standing dead aspen” to make into beautiful table creations!

Mike crafts the candle holders and I add a base of rustic and beautiful nature highlights, all on sitting on a gorgeous tree slice. Mike is a simple kind of a guy who insists on using mostly vintage hand tools for his craft.

We obviously can’t guarantee that your candle holders will look identical to the pictures here, since trees are a lot like snow flakes…no two are exactly alike! But we can promise that we will make your candles look as awesome as we possibly can.

Dimensions vary, but the candles are approx. 8, 6, and 4 inches high.

Some wood will be more “distressed” than others. With Colorado aspen, “distressed” usually means that deer have been gnawing on it or perhaps male elk have used it as a handy antler sharpener! So you can request a more or less distressed look, or perhaps a combination. Each of our centerpieces is custom-made for you, the buyer. If you request it, we would be pleased to send you a photo of the piece before we send it out, for your approval.

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*This product ships within two weeks from date of purchase.

**If you have any questions, contact us at rockymountainglow@gmail.com and we will be happy to get back to you.

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