Small Aspen Rustic Log Lamp


This lamp may be on the small side, but it packs a punch in making a good impression!

The wood is from standing dead aspen from the mountains of the Rockies, which has been perfected with hand tools and lots of care.

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The approximate dimensions of the lamp are:

the aspen log: 10″
the width of the log: 3.5″
base: 7″

Please note that this is made of natural wood and therefore there will be variation in the exact design of each lamp. The photos above show several varieties of this small lamp. Yours will be unique as well.

It’s the perfect lamp for an entry way, bedroom, or anywhere that you would like a little rustic highlight.

Usually, the small lamp will include a wood base on the bottom to give it stability. However, if the lamp body is especially “chunky” it will not need a base.

**This lamp does not include the shade.

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