Really Cute Seasonal Gnomes!


What is more fun than a seasonal gnome! These gnomes are sturdy rice-weighted, and come with a personalized wood gnome comb!

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These seasonal gnomes add fun and joy to your special days! You can’t look at them without falling in love with them.

The four seasons offered here are Valentine’s Day, St Pat’s, Fourth of July, and Christmas.

The gnomes are good and sturdy, made with four cups of rice as a base! They are made with quality materials, and are glued and tied in such a way that they are made to last for many years. They are cute all the way around, not just the front.

As you see from the pictures, every gnome comes out just a little different from the other.

Dimensions are approx. 11″x 4″, not counting the beard. The price listed is for one gnome.

The body material (seen from the back) and the band around the hat may be different from pictured, but always cute. The hat material will be what you see in the picture. If by chance, the hat material is sold, out, I will contact you with other options before sending it to you.

Each gnome has an all-wood comb with its name on it, hand wood-burned. You can request a different name for your gnome than the one pictures. No more than 10 letters please. Name your Christmas gnomes and the comb will have his name.

You may find that you want to start a collection of adorable gnomes in your home!

To order a specific gnome, please write a note to the seller, giving the gnome’s name or description. Same process if you order more than one.


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