Scripture Walking/Hiking Stick


This Scripture stick is a meaningful “friend” to take on walks or hiking trips. I have one of my own, and I cherish it.



We are offering three different scripture hiking sticks, one which displays Psalm 42:1, or Proverbs 3:6, or Joshua 1:9.

We only offer these three verses at this time. Please, no special requests.

Two of these scriptures are great hiking and nature thoughts. Psalm 42:1 give the imagery of a deer thirsting for water from a mountain stream. Proverbs 3:5 is a metaphor of life being a “path,” which God will direct if asked. Josha 1:8 is a wonderful promise in days of uncertainty of God’s presence and encouragement to be strong and courageous.

At the time of purchase, in the drop-down, you will be able to choose the leaf design, the “frame” of beautiful turquoise inlay and if you want a first name added to the other side of the hiking stick. In a separate drop-down menu please indicate which of the three verses you would like to be wood-burned onto your stick.

If you select the option to add a name to the other side. This would be the first name with no more than 8 letters, please.

Like all of our sticks, the standard length is about 47-48″, which is a good fit for most people. Please leave a note if this is for someone shorter than 5 feet or taller than 6 feet or if you want a shorter or longer stick for any other reason.

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