Butterflies! Rocky Mountain Hugs/ Warm Rice Bags/Perfect Gift for Women!


Warm rice bags, set of three, with matching drawstring bag/ gift bag



Rocky Mountain Hugs are warm rice bags made for you in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where we know well that sore muscles from long hikes, and chilly temperatures can be soothed and warmed, like a hug, with a toasty,comforting rice bag!

There used to be a common saying, “Cold hands, warm heart,” Fact is, studies have been done to prove just the opposite is true, that when the body experiences warmth, the person is more likely to have “warm” emotions and to be more positive about life in general.

These warm bags soothe aching muscles everywhere on the body, and also calm headaches and inflammation, and just plain help us relax after a long day!

Rocky Mountain Hugs make perfect gifts! The set of three bags come in an attractive, matching drawstring bag with a color-coordinating cord, and doesn’t need additional gift wrapping! There is also a special wood-slice tag that is hand wood-burned and includes the name of the person receiving the bags, whether that is yourself, or the person that you are gifting. *Please make a note to the seller (us) at time of purchase of the first name of the person receiving the rice bag set, even if it is yourself. The tag will include the person’s name only, unless you request that it also say “Rocky Mountain Hugs.”

The bags come in a set of three: a neck bag, a sore muscle bag, and a light eye bag. The neck bag is a great size to also warm your feet in bed on chilly nights. The sore muscle bag can be used to relieve congestion as well. Warm it and lay it on your chest to loosen congestion and make breathing easier. The eye bag is especially comforting when placed in the freezer for a few hours. It can cool your forehead and eye area and reduce inflammation.


Neck/foot warmer bag: approximately 5″x19-20″
Sore muscle bag: approximately 8″x6″
Light eye/headache bag: approximately 7″x3 1/2″

The rice bags are only rice. In my own experience, I find that flax, because of the oils, will eventually have a rancid odor. But white rice has little or no oil, and will not go bad when heated repeatedly.

I have made the rice bags to my own liking in terms of how much rice to place in each bag. I like the bags to be pliable (bendable) and somewhat floppy. If you like more rice so that the bags are firmer and less floppy, just send a note at the time of purchase. Keep in mind that the neck bag may not bend well around the neck if there is too much rice in the bag.

Our bags are all 100% cotton so fully microwavable. Most are snuggly flannel, some are soft cotton. This particular set is flannel.

There are other fabrics to choose from as well. Please see “Related Products” below.

Shipping for this product is 7.99