Personalized Hiking Stick, A Welcome Gift!


Hit the trails! Make your hikes/walks better with a hand-crafted hiking stick!
Sticks come gift wrapped!



Some great advice in life is “do what you love, love what you do.” That is what Rocky Mountain Glow is about for Mike and me. We love the magnificent display of beauty that the Creator has given us all to revel in, and we love taking samples of that beauty, especially the gorgeous wood that adorns the Rocky Mountain forests, and making it into something hand-crafted and beautiful for ourselves and for others to enjoy

You may have any combination of letter fonts and designs. But
*Please note: we do not take requests for any other wood-burning except the first name of a person (eight letters only) and the designs that are pictured in this listing.

Also available for only $15 extra is a stone inlay. You have your choice of crushed turquoise or malachite stone (green). Currently, we do only one design, pictured above, the Celtic nature symbol.

The inlay can be ordered from the drop-down when you order the stick.

The standard size for the sticks is 47-48 inches. This will be fine for most people. If someone is very short or very tall, let us know.

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When you arrive at checkout, there will be a box that says, “Order Notes” In that box, please leave the following information, as well as any other requests or comments you might have:

1. The name you want on the stick
2. The letter font # you would like used (font#1 or font#2)
3. The design you want (flowers, black leaves, bear tracks or no design)

*This product ships within two weeks from date of purchase.

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