Wood Art, Hand Wood-Burned Aspen Lamp,


This lamp is one-of-a-kind! First, it is beautifully hand-crafted wood; also, it features a hand wood-burned and painted design of rustic-looking pines.



The log, including the base is approx. 18″ long
The width is approx. 5″
The base is approx. 7″ at its widest point.

If the body of the lamp is very chunky, we don’t usually include the base at the bottom.

As with all our wood products, since they are as unpredictable as nature, each lamp will look different; but each one will be beautiful.

*Shades are not included with lamps.

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*This product ships within two weeks from date of purchase.

**If you have any questions, contact us at rockymountainglow@gmail.com and we will be happy to get back to you.

This item ships for 19.00
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