“Climb Every Mountain” Hiking Stick


Find your dream, with this hand wood-burned hiking stick!


I found myself singing this famous song from The Sound of Music recently while hiking: “Climb every mountain; Ford every stream, Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.”

I thought it would be a great thing to have those words on a hiking stick.

One side of the stick has bold letters, “Climb Every Mountain.” And the other side has a stanza to the song, with attractive leaves surrounding.

All this is hand wood-burned.

The stick itself is crafted like no other stick I have seen. Shaped with hand tools to be relatively straight, and then finished with oil and a wood protector to make it last.

The sticks are usually 47″ or 48″ inches tall, unless there is a request for a shorter or taller height.

Makes a perfect gift for the person who is chasing their dream in the out of doors!

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