Cedar-Slice Luxury Bath Tray


This listing is for bath lovers only…those who love to linger long in a warm tub!

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The single slice of cedar is gorgeous and will add beauty to any bathroom. Bath lovers relish an opportunity to linger long in a warm tub. The tray has plenty of room for a beverage, a book, and any other luxury you might want to be with you during your time in the tub.

The size pictured is approximately 39″ long, and the width goes from a narrow 10″ to a broader 14″. The thickness is about 1.25″. When you order, please send the width of your tub from outside edge to outside edge at the broadest point.

All bath trays are the same price. As you can imagine, cedar slices are not an exact science and will vary in size and shape. If you have a specific request, such as a narrower tray, let us know.

You have a choice of no handles or handles. Some will find the transporting of the tray easier with handles. Please note the pictures for a better description.


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