Mountain Sparkle

What’s So Unique About Our Jewelry?

It was winter 2016. I was at a craft show with my husband, and he wanted to buy me a gift for my birthday. We looked over all the hundreds of booths, all the while keeping in mind to find that one special gift.

The pendant I bought that started it all!

My head was spinning with all the amazing arts and crafts that I had to choose from. But there was one booth that kept drawing me back. I just couldn’t forget the beauty of the dazzling jewelry in that booth. And so we went back, bought a gorgeous pendant, and I was happy with my birthday gift!

But that wasn’t the end of it. My fascination with this pendant continued. I would study it and wonder at it. How was it made? What made it sparkle in the different lights like that? (By the way, much to my disappointment, it is almost impossible to capture the sparkle of dichroic glass in a photo!)

Then, one day, I asked myself this fateful question: I wonder if I could ever make jewelry like my pendant?

That question led me to take a class on making dichroic jewelry (dichroic is the amazing kind of glass that made my pendant sparkle so!).

Then before you know it, I purchased a small kiln for fusing glass. And I was on my way to a new adventure in life…making dichroic fused glass jewelry…and it all started with that intriguing pendant my husband bought me at the craft show!

So in answer to the question, “what is so unique about our jewelry?” Most obvious is the glass itself. Dichroic glass actually contains sparkling metals and the color intrigue is endless!  And then each individual artist who creates this jewelry makes it come together in unique and fascinating ways. Take a look at our slide show for a sampling.