I have a website entitled Goat-Tales Why? Just for fun. And just because I love and appreciate the animals and other earth creatures that God the Creator has made. I named the blog in honor of our three goats: Lucy, Miriam, and Sadie. They, to me, are a reminder of the joy and enrichment animals can give to us humans.

The blogs are short descriptions of all manner of beasts, both small and great, and once in a while I insert a “goat tale” which is a life lesson that I have recently learned from observing and hanging out with our goats.

I wanted to give our Rocky Mountain Glow readers a chance in get in on the Goat-Tales blog. Whether you have kids, grandkids, or if you yourself are young at heart and love animals, I invite you to take a look, and subscribe if you would like to receive the new “tales” as they are published.

Our theme here on Rocky Mountain Glow, is largely “nature.” And anmials are such an incredible part of Creation and what we call nature! So I think connecting to Goat-Tales.com makes sense. But do come back to Rocky Mountain Glow. There’s much here to explore!