Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If an item that is sent from Rocky Mountain Glow is damaged upon arrival to you, the customer, we will gladly replace that item and pay for the shipping cost to send it back to us, and to return it back to you. We will either repair the item, or make a new one, depending on the nature of the damage. It will be returned to you like new, either way.

If an item is sent by us but lost in the mail, we will send you another one. If the item is time sensitive, such as for a special event that already happened, we will give you the choice of replacement or a refund. We will pay the shipping cost to replace it.

If you receive an item from Rocky Mountain Glow and decide for some reason that you changed your mind about it, we will refund your payment if the item is in new condition and returned to us within 30 days. In this case, the shipping cost back to us is the customer’s responsibility.