Note from Mike and Beverly

Christmas Greetings!

The Christmas song that is becoming more and more meaningful to me is the one that says “But in despair I bowed my head, there is no peace on earth, I said.” But as the song brings out at the end, yes, indeed there will be “peace on earth, good will toward men” and though it sometimes seems forever to us, it is coming!!

My goal is to somehow get away from the busyness of life and focus on God’s Word. I have been woefully lacking in that, and so, taking my weaknesses into consideration, I have done a few things to compensate for my over-revved inner motor, and still saturate my mind with God’s Word.

IMG_3073One of those things is this set of CD’s that I carry around in my car. This is the best, the very best, audio of the Bible I have ever heard! I mean, I’ve read Genesis many times, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the car and hear more of the Genesis adventure!  Then I get to Deuteronomy, come on, can Deuteronomy be something you look forward to getting back to? Yes! “Moses” brought it to life. So I looked more closely at whose voice was playing Moses and it was Richard Dreyfuss! Oh my, he not only reads with feeling, but his voice grows older and older as the book progresses.  OK, I had to skip some of Leviticus, but I give myself a little slack 🙂

IMG_2924Mike and I have had a life adventure, the likes of which, I hope we never have again. Here we are pictured at our very first craft show. Mike quit his job and we now are working full time at our home business, Rocky Mountain Glow. But what I never want to do again is the “mountain” of new experiences we had at once: quitting the job, doing our first craft show, MOVING to the mountains (and all that involves), and (thankfully) keeping up with the huge amount of Christmas orders we had to fill from our etsy shop (we did shut things down early).  It has, for the most part been happy stress, nevertheless, I ended up with a case of hives on my back that has now lasted over two months. A little too much happiness!

It has been a happy time, but haven’t you noticed that the spiritual battle follows us wherever we go?

And what ends up being the most important is that close relationship with our Savior, Jesus, day in and day out.

images (1)May your year be filled with that closeness, and may you find joy in remembering how much He loves you!

Mike and Beverly Linder

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