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Why We Gave Up Our Cell Phones

We're giving up our cell phones, at least until the end of summer. No, it's not because we have decided to become hermits since we live here in the mountains of Colorado. Quite the opposite, actually. We desire to become more human, more communication oriented. (Please know that by writing this, I am not in… Continue reading Why We Gave Up Our Cell Phones

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Achieving the Impossble: Whole Grain Sourdough Bread!

A friend somewhat changed the course of my life when she brought me a warm, fresh out of the oven, loaf of sourdough one Sunday morning at church. Of course, I had eaten sourdough bread before, store bought, and probably not really organically sourdough. But one bite of this bread with its crunchy crust, tantalizing… Continue reading Achieving the Impossble: Whole Grain Sourdough Bread!

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Back to Nature Living

Nature living is living that is connected to the earth...the earth that God, the Creator made...the earth that He made for His favorite work of (That we are His favorite work of creation is my opinion based on Scripture, but that is a different subject for a different time). And so we are connected… Continue reading Back to Nature Living

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Mountain Health

Before we moved to the mountains, I read articles about how healthy it is for "older people" (that would be us!) to live in the mountains. And it's true. It is healthy to live in the mountains. What I didn't know was that much of that health comes from lots of hard work! For example,… Continue reading Mountain Health

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The Power of Happiness

I felt compelled to write this blog under the category of "Natural, Healthy Lifestyle" because there is more to a healthy life than food and exercise. Happiness is, in fact, central to gaining and maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health. Please read the following account of one person who found health by being happy. You… Continue reading The Power of Happiness

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Bev’s Wild and Crazy Cream of Lots of Vegetables Soup!

Before I share my recipe, let me give you a little background. My husband and I have found ourselves with some annoying skin afflictions the past few months, but not of the same kind as each other. We have come to believe that instead of simply covering over symptoms, we should always look for the… Continue reading Bev’s Wild and Crazy Cream of Lots of Vegetables Soup!