Books…for parents of kids who have special needs

Now that Mike and I have our own business, one thing we find especially fulfilling is that our business can express who we are in a number of ways. All of our products express, you might say, our soul in some way.

Of course, all of our handcrafted products reflect who we are, as does the art of any artist. But the books that are for sale in our shop are a unique expression of a part of our life experience as they are written to and for parents who have children with special needs, and we have been such parents for a good number of years of our lives.

We included these books in our shop because we feel that God gave us some degree of wisdom as “special” parents…wisdom learned in the trenches of the hard work and the blessings of raising special children. There are two books written and designed by us: A Never Give Up Heart, which is a book that emphasizes encouragement for both parent and child; and Un-Special Needs, which is a book that emphasizes the value of the child who has special issues. There is also an excellent workbook; written by Jim and Karen Leonard, for group and individual study, which makes a perfect companion to the book Un-Special Needs.

A Never-Give-Up-Heart at a national family conference in Brazil!

The book A Never-Give-Up Heart has been translated into Portuguese, published, and used by families in Brazil. Pictured is the book being advertised at a national family conference in Brazil. The book and workbook Un-Special Needs have also been sent to publishers in Brazil and are in process.

Both books make perfect gifts for parents who are needing both encouragement and practical help in raising their special kids. These books can be found in our shop on this site. Free shipping!