Beauty from Scars

Everyone has scars from the difficult times in their lives. They range from minor to very serious scars, ones that run deep into the soul.

For Mike and me some of our deepest scars have resulted from finding that two of our three children had very serious special needs. And then, having fallen in love with them both, losing them to heaven…Kristie at age 3 and Bradley at age 18.

Fast forward to the present when we are immersed in our business Rocky Mountain Glow. Much of our business revolves around the wood products we make.

When we go hunting for our wood in the mountains, we always look for standing dead aspen that has been distressed, scarred you could say, from weather and from perhaps elk sharpening their antlers on the then fresh white bark.

We seldom take wood that doesn’t have scars, because the distress is what gives it beauty and character. The scar is what makes the wood able to reach out and capture the hearts of people

This makes us think of our own lives. Without the scars, we all would lack depth and would be less able to touch the lives and souls of others.

So we have a special affection for our scarred wood. It serves as a constant reminder that distress and scars so often result in beauty, in wood, and much more importantly, in human hearts.

Our Inspiration…

For all of us, though we carry the sadness of our losses, there are many joys to experience. And much of Mikes and my joy comes from living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and experiencing the daily gifts of beauty provided by the Creator there.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! The pictures below give a glimpse of some of our work times and play times in the Rocky Mountains. The work times consist of gathering “standing dead aspen” to make the beautiful wood crafts that Mike and I are blessed to share with you. The play times fill our souls with inspiration and gratefulness to be able to be part of God’s great Creation!

Beverly Linder


About the Blogs On This Site…

You will find that the blogs on this site tend to gravitate toward two themes: the home and nature. Those happen to be my two loves! And those two subjects very much relate to our products in Rocky Mountain Glow, because most of them are home-enhancing and enriching products, and most, if not all, are very much inspired by nature. I (Beverly) usually write the blogs, but Mike shares the same love and enthusisam for both the home and for God’s Creation expressed in nature.

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