Tips for Organization

Organization Tip #1: Baskets!

I have baskets all over my home. Why? They contain things (lots and lots of things) and they look nice. Inside my baskets is not usually the picture of tidiness; however, I do periodically go through a basket or two at a time, and throw out anything that isn’t useful to me.

In my workshop, I have green baskets with polka-dots. What could be more cheerful? And I know which basket to go to if I need a certain thing, such as a paint brush.

In my bathroom there are baskets on a shelf and in a closet. Again, you won’t find perfectly wound wires around my blow dryer, and so on, but the baskets keep some semblance of order, especially when life gets fast with seemingly no time to pay attention to every detail of organization.

I could go on and on about baskets. I even have baskets in the barn! So that is my first tip for organization. The outside of a basket always looks attractive and never messy. The inside is no one’s business but your own 🙂

Here is an article that gives lots of ideas of how to use baskets in just about every room and every possible way.

Happy basket-ing!

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