Tips for Hospitality

The Essence of Hospitality

Maybe it’s because we live in the mountains and I know that winter is coming, when it is harder for guests to even get to us. But during the month of August, I wanted to host as many guests as I could in various ways. We hosted two large RV’s at the same time, full of people…one being a family of nine! We hosted some family members. And in less than a week, we will be hosting a neighborhood open house in our home…inviting over 20 households.

Why even bother with hospitality and making guests feel special in our homes?

Some times with all the complications of life, we forget that there are only two things that will really last and that will matter when we get to the end of our lives. One is that we have nurtured a relationship with God, and the other, which these tips will hopefully contribute to, is that we have been involved with people in a significant way, making them feel loved, and using our home as a place to bring a sparkle of joy to their lives.

That is my motivation for writing about hospitality. Because when we make people feel special and loved, we’re doing something really important! So stay tuned for hospitality “tips” on this website. They’re coming!

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