Tips for Home Business #2: Care About Your Customers…for real.

People are tired of being used and manipulated. They are tired of having companies and individuals trick them into spending their money. Here’s a simple truth that seems to have been forgotten by many…people, all people, are desirous of having someone who respects them enough to want their best.

In these small business tips, there will likely be two themes that keep coming up: respecting the customer and having a quality product or service that speaks for itself.

This tip is about the former, respecting the customer. Caring about them getting something valuable for their hard-earned money.

We make mostly wood products in our shop Rocky Mountain Glow. One of our best selling items is personalized (hand wood burned) walking and hiking sticks.

We recently got an order for nine Boy Scout sticks that had their name, the  Boy Scout emblem, and the Scout Law burned on them. We sent them out in good time in order to be there when this group of nine Cub Scouts  advanced to Boy Scouts (or more recently to Scouts).

All the sticks made it to their destination in good shape but one cracked, and so one Scout would not be getting a stick. When Mike and I used our own money to send a new stick at an overnight rate, this was not only for customer service, we didn’t want that boy to be without his stick for the ceremony!

We might be tempted to think that is a waste of money but it is not. It is how companies and businesses grow a mutually respectful business relationship with their customers over the years.

It doesn’t pay to be a penny-pincher when it comes to customer trust and long-term relationships with them. Be generous with your customers. It will pay off in a variety of ways!

We are currently selling at but hopefully soon will be selling right here on  We are looking forward to getting that started!


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