A Morning at Lions Camp

My life interests seem to be intersecting…and I’ll write about that in more detail in another blog. But I’ll tell you now that one of my life interests will always be individuals who have special needs, due to our two children, now in heaven, who had special needs.

So this morning, my husband Mike and I were privileged to bring our three goats to visit Lions Camp. Here is a link to their website: Lions Camp  Lions Camp offers a camp experience for individuals, both children and adults, who have various special needs. And the camp just happens to be close to our new home in the mountains!

I thought I would share just a bit about our morning and share some pictures 🙂

SONY DSCWe arrived relieved that our three goats, Lucy, Sadie, and Miriam, handled the car ride very well. Thank you, if you prayed for that, for I asked several friends and relatives to do so. And they didn’t mind heading for the grassy field, even though it was new territory for them. And it was a picture-perfect day.


SONY DSCMy friend Anna also came with her dad.  Anna is a full-time caregiver for her daughter who requires complete care, and for her dad who had a stroke.  Anna and I, along with the daughter of the executive director of the camp, couldn’t resist running with the goats through the spring-like open field.SONY DSC

Following are some pictures of some of the weekend campers as well as camp staff and volunteers.


SONY DSCAnd then we took some mighty tired goats home in the dog crate. On the way over they made a lot of noise, being unsure of what was going on. On the way back, they just snuggled up, contentedly, having had a fun day, and rested!

11 thoughts on “A Morning at Lions Camp”

  1. What a great day and blessing for those at Lion’s Camp and for you who brought the goats for the visit….what a joy to share your sweet goats! God bless you for ministering to the camp!

  2. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Heaven and earth are full of his glory. Good job sharing Him, Bev and Mike.

  3. Hi Mike and Bev,
    Thanks for the pictures that seem to tell us that all these people enjoyed your goats!
    I can imagine it was a new experience for most of them.

  4. So interesting! Love the picture of the 3 of you running in the field. The goats seem very docile and good with people. What a gift you are to give of yourselves in this way. I can’t wait to meet Lucy, Sadie, and Miriam!

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