When All Else Fails, Take a Bath…



Sometimes, my muscles ache, my head is tight, I feel tense all over. When that happens there is only one thing to do…take a very warm, almost hot, bath.

I call it my “think tank,” because there I am finally quiet with my own thoughts. No one is telling me what to think; no news is alarming my mind; I can pray. I can ponder. I can close my eyes and melt into the calming warmth.

I don’t like just plain water. I have some favorite things that I put into the bath. We sell these things on our Rocky Mountain Glow shop, but I can honestly tell you that no matter if we sell them or not, I think I shall always use these products, because I am most literally addicted to them!

Oatmeal Bath with Scoop
Cleopatra is said to have taken milk baths for her skin, I believe it!

The first is my oatmeal milk bath.  It is finely ground oatmeal with powdered milk, and yummy-smelling essential oils. I usually use orange, vanilla, and peppermint. Quite a combination that makes you close your eyes and breath it in deeply because it just smells so good.  And oatmeal is well know for getting rid of the “itchies.”

I usually add to the bath a glob of coconut oil along with this powder for extra moisturizing.


Goat Milk Soap

I am also addicted to goat milk soap. To be honest, I started making it to sell it, and we do sell it. But as long as the ingredients are available, I will never stop using this soap! It is creamy-dreamy and moisturizing.  I make a wide variety of “flavors,” combining essential oils to keep it interesting.


I love layered soap with one scent on one side and another on the other side. It may sound strange, but I have begun washing my hair with this soap. When I use a bit of conditioner with it, I have really loved the results.  Unlike most shampoos, it doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils, just gently cleans and leaves hair shiny and healthy.


So, before I leave the subject of the bath, I’ll share two of my favorite bath secrets. One is Bach for the Bath, the most wonderful music ever to soak in the tub! I never get tired of it.


The other thing I love to do is to make the bath steamy and to contrast the warmth with a cracked window, yes even in Colorado in winter! The cool breeze and the hot bath feels wonderful. At least I think so.


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