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Cozy Cottage: How To Make a Leafy Lampshade


SONY DSCIn our etsy shop Rocky Mountain Glow we sell a variety of wood items. Among those items are aspen lamps, awesome aspen lamps, I might add! That’s not bragging, but when you start with the beauty of God’s creation in the wood itself, it is a delightful medium to add your own skills to. My husband, Mike, does the wood crafting, and on some of the lamps, such as this one, I add some hand wood-burning.

But the thing I wanted to highlight in this blog is the lampshade.  Many times we sell these lamps, and people are disappointed that we don’t include the lampshades. The reason we don’t is because they cost a fortune to ship! So we encourage people to purchase their own shades. But often they are disappointed because they like the leafy lampshade, and of course, those are nowhere to be found.

They are easy to make, and I’m happy to share the secret with you!

SONY DSCThis particular lampshade is from Lowes, but any good quality shade is fine as long as it fits your lamp well.  The materials you need are surprising few and simple: Leaf die cuts, which can be purchased already cut at Hobby Lobby. A “die” tool, to cut out the branches, good quality paper for the branches, some good-holding glue such as E6000 (something like Elmers or Tacky glue may not hold long-term)…and that’s it!

The paper you use cut the branches with the stamping tool can be just plain white, but I prefer to use paper that is rustic-looking on one side, just in case someone takes a peek inside the lamp; it looks more professional and classy.

So plan your design. I find that two or three leaves is best. It looks a little “much” with more. Add just a small dab of glue with a toothpick to the first leaf on all of the points of the leaf plus one dab on the center. Place inside the lamp to the highest spot of the leaf design. Next turn the lamp on to get a picture of where your design is going,  and then turn the lamp off again to apply the next leaf. Repeat this until all the leaves are placed. No need to add lots of glue or to press hard. Just a little bit with a small amount of pressure will work well. Best not to move the leaves once you place them! You don’t want glue globs showing through your shade.

Cut out your branches and turn the lamp on to use your creative imagination in where you want to place them among the leaves. Applying the glue is a little messy with the branches since they are so small, but keep a wet paper towel handy to wipe your fingers. Remember to place the rustic side of the paper out where it can be seen from the inside. Otherwise, you might as well just use white paper.



Let dry. When you turn your lamp on, the magic will happen! And no one needs to know just how easily you made your awesome leafy lampshade!

Please feel free to visit our shop!

*I suggest not using more than a 60 watt bulb if you use incandescent, for safety reasons.

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