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Hiking at Dream Lake…was truly a dream!


This is Dream Lake in the Rocky Mountains, close to Estes Park. We hiked there for our anniversary a few years ago…in May! If the lake looks like this in May, think of what the hiking is like in the middle of winter!

It was thrilling and beautiful all the way up. The most scary part was crossing the stream balancing on a log. It’s not that I was afraid of drowning, but I was terrified of falling into that icy water being so far from civilization. It seems like a person could freeze to death doing something like that!




The views were incredible and even though it was very cold and snowy the higher up we got, while we were still relatively low in elevation, it wasn’t bad at all…which is why I got fooled into thinking I could wear my spring coat.





IMG_3451crreducedAt one point, however, the snow got so deep that Mike had to pry my legs out as I got stuck!  But overall there was a great balance between sunshine and wintry conditions.

We felt like we were all alone for a while since the trail is more hidden into the mountains than most trails we hike. But in reality there were some kids, dogs, and a good amount of people braving the elements that day.


IMG_3508edreduced - Copy




Once we actually arrived at Dream Lake, the only word we could utter was “Wow!” It was truly like a dream: huge, beautiful, somehow mystical-feeling, framed and almost encased by towering and awe-inspiring peaks.




IMG_3466reducedWe are hoping soon to camp close to Dream Lake… in the middle of summer! Then it will hold a whole new kind of fascination. It will, no doubt, be more crowded, but that’s OK. I am reminded of the song If Ever I Should Leave You,  in Camelot when when Sir Lancelot sings that he would never be able to forget his love no matter what season it is because each season displays a new kind of beauty. I think that experiencing Dream Lake in all the different seasons will inspire those same feelings in me.

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