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Winter Hikes In the Rocky Mountains

I thought I’d start the hiking blog series just sharing pictures and explanations of some of our hiking adventures in the Rocky Mountains where we live.

I’m starting with some winter hikes, since…it is winter!

Mueller Snow Stomp 098edreducedSo this is Mueller Park, an awesome place to hike and camp only about an hour from our home.  Each season has its own charm at Mueller and the mountain ranges that can be seen from there in the winter are indescribable!  This range is, I believe, the peaks of  Sangre de Cristo.


Mueller Snow Stomp 110ed copyreduced

As you can see, this is before we discovered snow shoes! It makes for good exercise to tromp through knee-deep snow, but I think that from now on, we’ll take advantage of the snow shoes. Don’t you love the bright, sunny warm winter days that Colorado so often offers?







So here are Mike and I with some friends a little while later at Mueller. Yes, the snow shoes really helped!  Although I don’t think the snow was quite as deep this time. Mike’s comment to a friend who asked how it was going snow-shoeing…”Really great, expect to walk a little funny for a few days afterward!”




So now we are hiking by our neighbor’s cabin near Larkspur, Colorado. The reason we look so victorious is because it is quite an icy, slippery climb! The waterfall was gorgeous and worth taking our lives into our hands (at least, I for one, felt that I took my life into my hands!) and that is not even to mention that all the way up the trail were very distinct, fresh bear tracks!

Mueller Snow Stomp 173edreduced

I’ll end with this, one of my favorite captures of a melting snow drop 🙂

Stay tuned for more great pictures of our Rocky Mountain hikes!

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