Mountain Bubble

Beauty Products: OOOOh, How Sneaky!

The world of beauty products is full of smoke and mirrors, seeking to make skin care products seem to be what they really are not.


The most amazing example of this confronted me the weekend before Christmas when Mike and I were wandering around a crowded mall, doing some last minute shopping.

We decided to go into a skin care shop to check out the latest trends in the soaps and skin care.  Mike grabbed one of these body butter containers and said in somewhat surprise, “Look, only three ingredients!” For there were three pictures, one of shea butter, one of coconut oil, and one of aloe butter, implying that these were the ingredients in their entirety. That was amazing to us since most often there are about 50 or so ingredients in store-bought products. I said, “But it smells like it has fragrance and looks like it has color, so it must have more than the three.” Then Mike spotted the little tab, hard to see, but an indication that there was more information under the initial label. And was there ever! We both exclaimed and big “oooooooohhhhhh!” There they were, hard to read, hard to pronounce, and yes, I didn’t count them, but probably about 50 ingredients.

How many people rushing to buy their last-minute gifts, are going to examine that label so carefully that they find the real list?  Not many, I would guess.

And so, I humbly but confidently direct you to our skin care products at Mountain Bubble. Humbly, because I know there are many other shops that also have integrity in their products, who aren’t trying to fool anybody, and who truly have a desire to create pure and wholesome skin care products. And confidently, because we are sure that the soaps and skin care we make are good for you, and are able to delight with creaminess and natural essential oil fragrance.

Check out this page to see an awesome slideshow of Mountain Bubble skin care.

We guarantee you will never find sneaky “smoke and mirrors” in our shop!

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