Our Inspiration…

In the slideshow below you will find a little bit of what Rocky Mountain Glow is about…as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! The pictures give a glimpse of some of our work times and play times in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The work times consist of gathering “standing dead aspen” to make the beautiful wood crafts that Mike and I are blessed to share with you. The play times fill our souls with inspiration and gratefulness to be able to be part of God’s great Creation!

Bev Linder

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 Wood Products Are the Focus of our Shop

We offer incredible lamps, hiking sticks, candles, and more.

In Addition To the Mountain Aspen Glow…

Although our wood endeavors (mountain aspen glow) are the main element of Rocky Mountain Glow, there are two other parts: mountain bubble, which includes healthy and yummy-enough-to-eat (but please don’t) soaps and skin care for both women and men; and mountain sparklewhich is fused glass jewelry, made in our very own kiln, which I find fascinating and fun to create.  Please take a look at the pages on this blog to learn more about each facet of Rocky Mountain Glow.



Why do we have this blog? One reason is that having a blog like this brings together many of my life experiences. Haven’t you noticed how thrilling it is to look back at your life and to be able to bring it all together in an artful or otherwise useful way? For me, having this blog brings together my experience as English teacher (and later author of two books for parents of kids who have special needs), photographer, kitchen recipe experimenter (thus my soaps and creams), incessant craver of participating in interesting arts and crafts (thus the jewelry), and lover of the mountains and all they contain (thus the wood art, which is primarily accomplished by Mike, and I get to add to it with my wood-burning).

For those who are interested in purchasing anything we make, we give that opportunity through our shop: rockymountainglow.etsy.com

So thanks for stopping by! We’d love to hear from you either in blog comments or in a direct note to us from the “contact” page!

Our Family

new-collageOne more thing “about us”…our family. Kristie and Bradley (both on the left) were born with a muscle disorder, and now wait for us in the glories of heaven, and are with Jesus. We learned from our “special” kids that “there is a person in there” and that no amount of disability can hinder the spirit that God has created from accomplishing the purposes of touching lives and leaving a lasting mark on this world. Bottom right, our son Ricky and our daughter-in-law Emily. Ricky has always brought sunshine into our lives, and now Emily does the same! We are grateful for them. Mike and Bev top right. God has been good to us. We couldn’t have asked for a more awesome family.